Karlex - Ghetto Fabulous

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Tracklisting: 1. I've Got News For You... 2. Sista Love 3. Ghetto Fabulous
4. Farewell Angel 5. Song For Coco 6. Sometimes 7. Where Is Love... If
There's Love 8. Joker Man 9. Kreol Woman 10. Madness

One of the most interesting things in listening to and reviewing music is itsdiversity;trying to find musical inspiration and cultural roots is so pure and amazing and, most of the time, every artist and band bring theirown artistic culture and inspiration to us. Among others, Karlex represents a perfect combination of various influences and ethnic roots, and his music deals with it, reflecting his own vision of the countries he comes from or went through. Thanks to his amazing album, Ghetto Fabulous, he testifies of musical experiences and meetings he dealt with during the past few years.

While listening to Ghetto Fabulous, the listener gets merged into musical and vocal roots: from black culture to reggae (Joker Man),funk (Kreol Woman), folk music (Farewell Angel) and gospel (Ghetto Fabulous), Karlex shows a musical diversity that impresses us and makes us learn more about him, and all the cultures he learnt about year after year. From the moving tunes and voice in I've Got News For You... to the long and fascinating vocal improvisation in Song For Coco, he deals with a cultural testimony he has to show to the world, talking about emotional sufferings (Where Is Love...If There's Love), freedom (I've Got News For You...) and inner love (Sista Love) and hope (Ghetto Fabulous). First reading titles and stories about the artist, people think they will have to deal with a kind of introspective album, but Ghetto Fabulous is more than this; the songs are full of hope, moving and pure.

More than groove, Karlex's music is a combination of styles, as we said before; and, above all, his music is folk, in its real and deeper way. Guitar and voice are the main instruments and basis to the songs, putting Karlex in front of the audience, and creating a wonderful intimacy when listening to the album. Not very far from Keziah Jones in the way he creates and exposes himself, he invites us to come and listen to 10 different stories, and we have to listen to them respectfully and quietly. That's what his music really is, an invitation to share his experiences and inner universe.

And most of all, Karlex succeeds in this hard and perilous exercise thanks to his remarkable voice. It is a perfect combination of accents and cultures, and it is thanks to this that the listener can understand why his music is melted with musical and cultural roots. While hearing his vocal tunes, we travel through the different lands he comes from: Haïti, America, and Europe. His so particular voice reflects all the countries he lived in, and more than singing, it seems as if he talks to us and confides, little by little, about his personal life. His voice strikes the listener and penetrates his mind; it also makes us want to hear more and more, endlessly. While listening to the whole album, the listener can't help but thinking that the vocals are the red thread through the songs, creating confidence and trust, rest and peace.

The Vocals also bring hope and sensitiveness to the songs; talking (Sista Love, Song For Coco), singing with his soul and feelings (Sometimes), Karlex's voice finds a kind of answer thanks to background vocals and arrangements (Ghetto Fabulous, Madness), as if a single man was talking to people answering him. He creates a perfect dialogue between his vocals and those in thebackground , which are there not only to arrange and put another musical style in the songs, but take a real part in them. Karlex talks to people and wants to be answered, and that's what makes him a prophet of the unheard...

Such a brilliant and purifying journey through countries, souls, and experiences, is rare and amazing. Ghetto Fabulous is a way to intimacy, a shout and a whisper, a diamond among stones. Once you're in it, you can't help but listening to it, again and again. Rarely people have been invited to share and listen to what a singer has in his heart and soul, and Karlex succeeds in this , without hesitation. Black music has found a new prophet, and let's hope his voice will be heard as it should be, year after year...


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