Malthruyst - Live in a White Space

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Dark and heavy.  I’m not talking about a metal band or an album in this particular style, but of the atmosphere of Malthruyst’s ‘Live in a White Space’.  Rarely in the musical world has electro been so dark and hopeless, except for Matt Elliott’s Third Eye Foundation, and his fabulous, but uncomfortable album ‘Ghosts’; which is one of the main references here.  The whole beginning and mood of this 45 minute-long song refers to Matt Elliott and Aphex Twin tunes, but the rest of the work remains original and much darker.

Everything here is offered for the purpose of creating uncomfortable spaces and lands, deep noises, and sounds.  Only the beginning seems to be, well, joyful and calm.  The drum and bass style gives place to other electronic instruments and noises (sometimes a kind of train, sometimes bells, but it’s never clear), and a continuous bass, very oppressive and long.  Here lies the main interest in this album: nothing is clear.  All is hopeless and black; no light comes in.  Fans of the ambience music from the Silent Hill series will be very familiar with this sound;

During these 45 minutes, the listener goes from drum and bass to experimental, and, most of the time, gets lost in this unique musical universe.  Except for the beginning and the end, everything is full of noises, reversed sounds, and distant and low voices.  ‘Live in a White Place’ is a journey through a long, experimental space in which we can only get lost.  As you first listen to it, all you can do is ask yourself where you really are; and the only answer is: in hell.  This music sounds like a long improvisation about the end of our time; even during moments when a little instrument seems to be melodic, there is always a low noise covering the lightness of this holy sound.  In this way, Malthruyst is also a reference to earlier Pink Floyd (Saucerful of Secrets, Echoes) or, more recently, Fiend 2-Caledonian Cosmic (who remembers this amazing self-produced album?).  It is funny to say that this music looks like an improvisation, when you know that it has been recorded in one single day; and that’s a kind of technological exploit, because even if listening the entire song is really difficult, no one would think that it isn’t intelligent and well-thought out. Atmospheres are consequently well-built, and must have been difficult to create.

Rhythm remains in perpetual deconstruction; sometimes clearly appearing, sometimes drowning into noises and industrial loops.  The middle part of the song recalls some of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s intermedes: using them as bridges to go from one part to another.  While looking at the CD, it seems that the whole title has been organized in different single parts, and it becomes a kind of game trying to find each one of them.

But let me be clear; this album is never boring, and its length is the main interest in it.  It is a kind of long and hard journey through unsafe and foggy countries, where the listener discovers lots of unknown territories and visions.  Each theme is no longer than about two minutes, and the song remains in perpetual evolution, from one theme to another.  What seemed to be frightening and scary slowly becomes exciting and impressive.  The listener wants to know more and more about this universe, and sometimes finds inspiration in these noises and loops.  As a masterpiece built during a sleepless and nightmarish night, ‘Live in a White Space’ gives us an opportunity to explore terrible worlds, and creates a kind of dependency inside you.  It is a drug for dark souls and thoughts, a way to see its hidden and more tortured thoughts brought to life.  Sometimes screams reminds us of a humanity we’ve lost, sometimes industrial sounds plunge us to an android-like life.

This album is dark and heavy, and really uneasy to listen to; but, while trying to penetrate this hopeless world, the listener faces a deformed reality not really far from everyday life.  It looks exaggerated, but it lives in everybody’s mind.  Perhaps Malthruyst succeeded in bringing people’s darkest thoughts to life?  That is the question, and I’m sure he’s got the answer¼‘Live in a White Space’ is more than dark music and noises; it is a work of art, and a disturbing vision of life...


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